I'm Greg Struve

Empowering Coaches with Psychology

You get great results with most of your clients.  But it seems there's always a few who can't get past their own obstacles.  Their ability to self-sabotage eclipses your ability to help.  That's where I come in.

  • Find ways to help existing clients get better faster

  • Learn to see and avoid the unconscious land-mines that every client brings 

  • Learn when your enthusiasm and desire to help will actually prevent a client from achieving their goals

  • Get better outcomes, a better reputation and feel even better about the work you're doing.

My Services.

I use my training as a trauma specialist, cognitive therapist and professor to help great coaches give their clients even more.  


Meet with me directly for expert strategies on helping specific clients  get through seemingly insurmountable obstacles


Simple, effective courses designed to help you work common sources of performance anxiety your clients probably aren't even aware they have.


Network with a small community of top-level coaches like you for feedback, ideas, support, comaredarie, and maybe even a referral or two ;-)

What Clients Say

Coaches share their feedback about how working with Greg Struve has impacted them, both personally and professionally.

A New Perspective...

Working with Greg gave me a whole new perspective on anxiety, the root of cause of inaction, and specific actionable steps I can take with clients to help them understand their barriers and move past them. 

Carrie Sechel


I had no idea what I was missing.

Greg Struve's program was incredible!  I see things in my clients that I've never seen before and now I know how to help.  Thanks Greg!

Peter Cook

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Procrastination tools that really work!

Your class on anxiety completely changed the way I deal with clients who procrastinate.  The entire process flows much more smoothly for the client and for me.

Veronica Dante

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I just like being more helpful...

I just really love helping my clients.  The tools Greg teaches me help me do that.  There has yet to be a session or lesson I sat in on where I didn't take away something that made me better at what I do.  

Adam Smith

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